About Us

Rawasi Al-Sharqiya Safety Devices Establishment was founded in August 2019 in the city of Dammam in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It specializes in the sale, implementation, and maintenance of safety and security devices.

Rawasi Al-Sharqiya is a leading company in the field, offering integrated and innovative solutions in the realm of security and safety. It provides a wide range of modern devices and technologies that effectively meet the needs of its clients. The establishment is committed to providing the latest technologies and systems in the field of safety and security, contributing to enhancing safety and protection in various environments and sectors.

Moreover, the establishment’s professional engineers and technicians ensure the implementation of safety and security projects to the highest standards of quality and efficiency. It also offers regular and emergency maintenance services to ensure that safety and security systems operate efficiently and continuously.

Thanks to its expertise and dedication to providing the best solutions, Rawasi Al-Sharqiya is considered a trusted partner for many companies and institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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