CRM & Project Management System

CRM services cover all stages of a CRM life cycle, from implementing a new solution to supporting and evolving an existing system. We work with companies at any stage of CRM adoption.

Meeting All Your CRM Needs

CRM consulting

We analyze your existing CRM needs and processes to find the optimal solution in terms of cost, functionality, and long-term business value.

CRM implementation

We pick a fitting CRM platform, customize it to your unique requirements, and set up integrations to connect the new solution to your IT ecosystem, including other software platforms.

Custom CRM development

If you require more than the regular CRM platforms can offer, we can fully develop a custom solution for you and integrate it with your existing corporate systems.

CRM migration

We can migrate your legacy CRM and all customer data to a new platform. We preserve data accuracy and ensure minimized business disruptions during the migration. The user training provided by our team will help your employees adopt the new system faster.

CRM testing

We verify your CRM’s functionality, integrations, performance, usability, and security. You get a clear understanding of the reasons why your CRM underperforms and receive actionable instructions on how to fix it.

CRM support and evolution

We offer ongoing CRM maintenance to prevent issues with availability, data synchronization, security, and more. Plus, whenever you need to add new CRM features or modify the current workflows, you can rely on us to implement the changes.

Make CRM Your Strategic Advantage in Customer Relations

Having solved the unique CRM challenges of dozens of clients across multiple industries, we know that an underperforming or poorly customized CRM will often hinder your processes instead of helping them. At Null Safety, we focus on each client's workflows, domain specifics, and IT constraints to design an efficient and convenient solution that becomes the key driver of sales performance excellence.